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Mayumi Yamamoto, MS, ATC, CES, PCES

I worked and traveled around the world with Cirque du Soleil as the first ever Japanese female NATA Athletic Trainer over 10 years. The time with Cirque du Soleil expanded my professional point of view, deepened my understanding of bodies and increased my interests even more on injury prevention, functional movement and corrective exercise approaches to elongate professional life.

This lifestyle had me exposed to learn so many different cultures and different medical system. 

Along with traveling around the world with the circus, I was pregnant 3 times and gave them births in 3 different countries (US, Germany and Netherlands). 

My experiences of pregnancies, deliveries and being a Mama brought me a question: 

"Being and becoming a Mama creates tremendous impacts on women's body but there is very limited education/support for full functional recovery for Mama. Why?"

This question let me pursue to become a certified "PostPartum Corrective Exercise Specialist".

Now the time has come to spread the knowledge and experiences I have gained over the years.

My dream has been to support people, especially people who are striving to be better or challenging themselves to the next level

I would be very honored and happy to be a part of bringing brighter light on your daily activities , hobbies or professional life. 

Happy body, Happy Life. 

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